Music King Joystick 


1 Support a lot of Joystick and PS4 Controller(usb connect).

2 Support Transport in HUI protocol.

3 Dolby Atmos Panner Support  XYZ axis and Size.

4 Send the message with Triger button.

5 Very simple setup.


Music King Joystick V1.0    Mac Version  Click here for Download 

Turn on Midi Input  in Protools 



 Setup Controller in Protools 

Protools Controller


Setup Joystick Device in Dolby Panner Plugin

Dolby Panner



Music King Joystick is for personal work,not for business.

If you want use it on business please contact us

"Dolby Atoms Panner " from "Dolby" Brand.

"Protools" from "AVID" Brand